A • Brandsma is a platform for all projects by Amber Brandsma, including the new A • Label by A • Brandsma fashion label.

Founded in September 2018, the brand is based in Rotterdam.

About A Label

The new A • Brandsma label celebrates the understated – let’s call it basic+. Designs are clean and simple, with subtle details inspired by found patterns in existing garments. All ready-to-wear pieces should easily blend in with your wardrobe, meant to last beyond fads and trends.The constantly growing collection will be permanently available. Each season new colors and fabrics are added. If you look closely, sometimes a unique piece will pop up.The collection is currently being sold at Puha, Utrecht, and Young Designers United, Amsterdam.. Or take a look in the online shop of A • Label by A • Brandsma. Make sure you stay up to date to not miss out. Or don’t. Just check back whenever it suits you – A • Brandsma is here to stay.

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