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How can I get in touch?

Need assistance for picking a size or color? Or do you have another urgent question? For any request feel free to contact us via

Mag het ook in het Nederlands?

Maar natuurlijk. Als je het prettiger vindt om je vraag in het Nederlands te stellen, dan kan dat. We kunnen namelijk ook in het Nederlands antwoorden! Stiekem zijn we gewoon een modelabel uit Rotterdam. Schroom ook niet om ons te mailen bij verwarring over al die Engelse termen op deze site.

Where can I buy A Brandsma offline?

We are very proud that A Brandsma is part of the collection in the following shop:

- PUHA, Utrecht 

For more information click here!

What do you mean by 'Made by order'?

At A Brandsma we don’t like fast fashion. Really, really don’t. We think it’s unnecessary and wasteful to change your collection every season, only to throw out all the old stuff. That’s why all our designs are evergreens. The designs and patterns are pre-made, we just don’t keep a big warehouse full of stock. This also gives us the opportunity to change up the fabrics and colors once in a while.

Only a few of our bestsellers are on the rack in our atelier in Rotterdam. As soon as you place a ‘Made by order’, we start making the garment(s) in your order. We like to take time to produce your order with care. It takes about 5-10 working days before it is shipped. You can recognize these items by the orange label in the webshop.


Yes, 5-10 days plus shipping is way longer than your average online fashion store. But if you order with us, you get involved in the process! Along the way you get an update by email of the ‘making-of’ your items - with pictures! At least now you’ll know for sure who made your clothes and how they did it.

What do you mean by 'Limited Edition'?

Since we’re a slow-fashion company, we don’t buy large batches of fabric. Then, we try to use up every last centimeter as to not waste anything. If you see ‘limited edition’ on an item in our shop, it means we have it available in a special fabric that we found, like silk or something with an interesting knitted pattern. These usually come in even smaller batches, so make sure you order before we run out. When an item is not available in a certain fabric anymore, we try to update as soon as possible. If you want to make really sure, feel free to send us an email before you order.

What is my size?

Keep in mind that the tops have an oversized fit, the bottoms don't. But we know every body type is different, so we provided you with a detailed measurement guide for every design. This way you can check if you may fit an S, M or L of the product of your choice. You can see all the details here

Need help? Just contact us via

Can you make custom sizes?

Nobody is average, of course. Maybe you have a short upper body or long legs, and you’re hesitant to order a standard size. We understand! That is why it’s also possible to place a ‘Made by order’ with custom measurements. But don’t order yet, please contact us first if you have any specific requests like these, at

Can I visit your studio and try things on?

Yes, you can! Our studio is situated next to Rotterdam Centraal. To make an appointment, just send a message to and we will pick a date. 


How do I take care of my new clothes?

Of course you want to enjoy your items as long as possible. And we want that for you too, they are made to last after all. Here is the trick: all of our products are best preserved if you wash them by hand, or by a handwash-program.

How can I pay in the webshop?

We accept iDeal and PayPal. 

When can I expect my order?

We only keep a small stock of items that are bestsellers. If your order is in stock, we will send it right away.


Other products are ‘Made by order’, which means we only start sewing after we received your order. You can recognize all 'Made by order' products by their orange label in the webshop. For these items, please keep in mind an average of 2-3 weeks delivery time.


Zone 1: The Netherlands
Shipping Time: 3-5 business days
Cost: €5 (free on orders over 150 euro)

Zone 2: Western Europe
Shipping: 7-10 business days
Cost: €10 (free on orders over 295 euro)

Zone 3: Rest of the World

Shipping: 15-30 business days

Cost: €25

Your package will be shipped by PostNL.

Can I change my order or address after completing the order?

If you notice an error in your shipping address please contact us at as soon as possible. If the order is already shipped we can’t modify it anymore. Orders that are returned because of an invalid address will incur a shipping charge if they are reshipped.

Can I cancel my order?

That’s a pity! But of course you can cancel your order. Just send an email to If the order hasn't been shipped yet we will be able to refund the order. If it has been shipped, you will have to return the product, then we will refund you. Check the shipping & returns section for more info.

I am not completely satisfied, how can I return my product?

Sorry to hear that, but of course it's no problem if you want to return your products. You have 14 days from the delivery date to notify us by email that you want to return or exchange your product. The product(s) must be as new, and must still have a tag on. We will not refund any damaged and/or used products. You can read more about our return policy here!

My items got damaged in the mail. What can I do?

We are very sorry if your product arrived in a damaged state. Please contact immediately and follow the steps below:

1. Shortly describe the problem: when, where, why.
2. Please include a few pictures that show the problem from more than one angle.
3. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

I notice a quality issue with my product? What should I do?

That is very unfortunate as we strive to provide high quality products that you can wear for a lifetime. But of course human error is possible and it happens even to us.

Just contact us at and we will find a solution. 

Do you hire interns?

Yes, we love having interns at A Brandsma! You can send your resume plus a short introduction about yourself to We’ll get back to you asap. In het Nederlands mag ook!

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