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Hello and welcome to the new online fashion store of A  Label by A Brandsma. Here you find sustainable women’s clothes, handmade in Rotterdam. We hope you’ll discover some nice additions to your wardrobe! All items are handmade in Rotterdam and meant to last a lifetime. Each design by A Brandsma is timeless and simple, with subtle details inspired by patterns from found garments.

Wanna visit our studio

and try things on?

All of our items are 'Made to Order'. This means we will start making the product after you order it. Yep, just for you! You can read all about the design process and what 'Made to Order' exactly means on every product page. If you see  Limited Edition  it means a garment is available in a certain fabric for a limited time only!

Enjoy shopping and if you have any question about size, fit, fabrics or colors, just check our FAQ or send a message using the form at the bottom of this page. Bye!

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