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A • PAIR OF SHORTS _a twisted leg


A summer collection isn’t complete without a pair of shorts, of course. But why settle with some regular shorts, when you can incorporate an interesting design? We took our new twisted leg pants design and evolved it to a short version, perfect for when it’s warm outside.

Just like the long pants, these shorts have a high waist with an elastic band. Below that the front has a pleated look, but that’s a bit of an optical illusion. The side seams (with hidden pockets) are moved slightly to the front and could be mistaken for a pleat. However, we did add some actual pleats to give the shorts a more wide, flared effect.

You can order them in several fabrics, some of which are only available for a limited time. Different fabrics give a variety of interesting results. Go for a timeless look in a soft tencel, or choose the special summer printed fabrics that have a vintage feel, especially when paired with A • BLOUSE in the same fabric.

A • PAIR OF SHORTS _a twisted leg - Spring Flowers

€ 89,00Price
  • Size XS

    waist 68 cm

    hip 118 cm

    length 41 cm


    Size S 

    waist 72 cm

    hip 122 cm

    length 42 cm


    Size M

    waist 76 cm

    hip 128 cm

    length  43 cm


    Size L

    waist 80 cm

    hip 132 cm

    length  44 cm


    Size XL

    waist 84 cm

    hip 136 cm

    length  45 cm


    Or check Size Guide for more specifications.

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