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A ● BLOUSE  _an angle sleeve


Based on a pattern found inside of a vintage blazer, the most outstanding features of this design are the sleeves meeting the body in a right angled shape. But now we made those sleeves shorter, perfect to wear under your wool jumper or cardigan!


As for the body, it’s the same as our roomy but chic shirt, It has extra panels added to the sides to achieve a wider look, just like the oversized jacket from the same design family. Another addition to the design is the use of topstitched seams, so you can see the structure of the garment even better.


For a limited time it’s also available in several special colors and fabrics, so you can create interesting two-piece combinations with our new cami and shorts as they come in the same fabrics and colors.

A • BLOUSE _an angle sleeve - Poppy Floral Violet

€ 179,00Price
  • Material: 100% viscose


    Color: Poppy floral violet


    Made in Rotterdam



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