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A · PAIR OF PANTS _a twisted leg 


After the success of our A • Sweater _a twisted arm, we applied the same concept to a pair of comfy sweatpants. You could even pair them up to own the fanciest loungewear set ever. 

We created a pair of pants with a repositioned side seam before, but for this one we took the concept to a new place. Literally, because we moved the side seam even more, subtly twisting it around the leg, almost to the front. Additionally, at the top it looks like the side seam could be just a pleat, especially with the pockets hidden inside.


The legs are wide, somewhat flared, and the pants have a slightly loose fit. Just like our new summer blouse it has topstitched seams to reveal the structure of the design. Those give the joggers an even more sporty look, especially since it has an elastic waistband. But you’re allowed to just hang around and relax in these pants, of course.

A • Pair of Pants _a twisted leg - Midnight Blue

€ 169,00Price

    Material: 90% viscose, 10% polyamide


    Color: Midnight Blue


    Made in Rotterdam



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